Blue Jay Trucking can now share trip info with clients

About Blue Jay Trucking

Not many people are familiar with the term “surprise operation”, at least that is how Alex Montoya, General Manager at Blue Jay Trucking describes his delivery business model. He is the player behind the scenes of other big-name carriers, a delivery company for delivery companies if you will. Whenever these companies are not able to complete a shipment, they rely on Blue Jay Trucking to fulfill these deliveries for them, making Blue Jay an integral partner in the complex world of supply chain and logistics.  

Success Story Summary

In order to be able to have a more efficient operation, our friends at Blue Jay, rely on FleetMetriks for accurate tracking data. Being able to locate their vehicles at all times, allow them to better organize their fleet and assign assets where they are needed the most.

With FleetMetrik’s trip share feature, they provide their customers with access to the real-time location of their shipment, at the tip of their fingers, directly on their smartphones without the need for logins or downloading applications. Just with a simple message, they provide a link that opens a browser window on their phone, where they can see the truck’s trip. The link has an expiration time which is controlled by the operators at Blue Jay, so they can protect the privacy of other trips.

The Challenge

When Blue Jay Trucking first started looking for a system that could allow them to visually track their trucks in real-time and share their location with clients, they were met with disappointing results. Existing solutions provided truck tracking information, but not in a way that was accessible to the customer. For example, one solution required the customer to have an account and login information in order to access the truck’s location—which is not ideal for their customers.

The impact of this problem was significant: it was difficult to provide clients with timely updates about their shipment, which left them frustrated and calling Blue Jay Trucking for status updates. It also put strain on Blue Jay Trucking’s team because they had to spend more time responding to client inquiries.

The Solution

FleetMetrik’s trip share feature allows Blue Jay’s customers to receive a link via email or text message that provides real-time visibility into the truck’s location. Now, Blue Jay Trucking can send this link directly to their customers when they’re scheduling a delivery, allowing them to track their shipment as soon as it’s sent out.

The Results

Blue Jay customers no longer need to call them constantly to get updates on the status of their shipment—thanks to the FleetMetriks trip share feature. With this new capability in place, Blue Jay Trucking has been able to improve customer satisfaction significantly by eliminating the need for constant phone calls about shipment status updates. This has also freed up time for Blue Jay Trucking’s staff members who are now able to focus on other tasks instead of constantly answering phone calls from clients.

Increased client

Increase in
staff efficiency

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