Assign daily routes & monitor your visits in real-time.

Route Monitoring

Visualize route completion information for all your vehicles in the past 7 days, using a visual representation similar to Gantt charts.

Analyze arrival and departure compliance, control points statuses (lost, not visited, visited), as well as any visiting time violations.

Triggers & Notifications

Set up customizable thresholds that spring into action the moment they’re triggered, alerting your clients in real-time via SMS, email, Telegram, or even a personalized phone call. Stay ahead of the game by notifying your clients a few precious minutes or just a few miles before their eagerly awaited package arrives.

External Integrations

Pop-Up Platform Notifications

Phone Calls

SMS Alerts

Email Alerts

Digital Map Creation & Layout

FleetMetriks makes it easy to create, plot, and configure routes on digitalized maps. With our Intelligent Route algorithm, laying out complex routes can be done in just

Further customize each route by setting minimum and maximum duration times for each control point, ensuring optimal efficiency and cost savings.

Automated Reports

Quickly analyze route completion by receiving automatic reports via email. Fleet managers can schedule vehicle route reports to be sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The information can be programmed to be sent in various formats like PDF or XLSX.