Save money with real-time tracking of your fleet’s fuel consumption

One of the biggest challenges for fleet managers has always been how to make the fleet operate more efficiently. When talking about operational expenses, the first thing that comes to mind, especially today, is fuel costs. Fuel cost is around 60% of a company’s total fleet operating budget, so it makes sense to concentrate efforts on controlling costs in this area.

When we talk about fuel costs and how to control them, the first thing that comes to mind is how it can be measured, after all, you cannot control what you don’t know or can’t measure, and this makes fuel sensors important accessories when it comes to measuring fuel levels. Nevertheless, there are other variables that affect fuel consumption and the efficiency of your fleet that are often overlooked. That is not to say that fuel data is not important, but it is just a piece of the puzzle when it comes to making an in-depth assessment of your fleet’s efficiency.

Just knowing how much fuel was consumed will not be a solution in itself, you need tools that help you combine other data points, until you have a clearer picture of where you can direct your attention or make changes in order to impact the overall efficiency of your fleet.
FleetMetriks gives you access to a suite of analytic tools and reports that will take a lot of the guesswork out of your operation and will help you make the right decisions when it comes to increasing the efficiency of your fleet.


Real-time notifications keep you alert of any critical fuel events—like sudden drops in the fuel volume which could be caused by tank leaks or theft—as soon as they happen.

Armed with real-time notifications, you can feel secure and be confident that any fuel loss is handled immediately.


If something is not right with your vehicle, you want to know right away. Issues that are detected early will help you address them before they do real harm. Having your vehicles operating in the best shape possible will also reduce inefficiencies, therefore reducing costs.


The FleetMetriks Trip Analysis Tool, lets you review trip data like total fuel consumption, idle fuel consumption, RPM habits, and many more..

With this tool you can easily determine where your vehicles are wasting fuel and then take the necessary measures to reduce its impact.


Need to know where, when, and what the tank capacity was when the driver executed a filling? With the filling report, you can have this information including what the odometer was at the time of filling.


FleetMetriks’ dashboard tool lets you see instantly which vehicles are consuming the most fuel while idling. You can also see the overall fleet utilization of important metrics in a month-to-month comparison chart.


One of the factors that affect fuel efficiency is driver behavior. Harsh braking and harsh acceleration are variables that cannot be measured by a fuel sensor but greatly affect the efficiency of the vehicle. By developing a driver training program, you can ensure that your vehicles will be driven in a safe manner, reducing not only fuel costs but also risky behavior.


With this report, you can easily detect the dates when the tank was filled, and the fuel consumption trend and compare it with the traveled distance as well as the times that the engine is on. You will realize how often and at what levels the fill-up is being done. You can also see where the fill-up is being done. You can also detect, drastic changes in fuel level in case of theft.