Pre-made forms that give you total control of the most critical parts of your operation.

What can I do with FleetMetriks Forms?

Using its customized forms you can finally achieve total control of the most critical parts of your operation.

  • Share the forms with an unlimited amount of people
  • View any form submission in an easy-to-read table
  • Keep track of who’s filling out the information
  • Collect crucial data needed to keep your operations in order

Meet Compliance & Safety Standards

Meet compliance and safety standards within your industry. Collect information that may lead to any hindrance in the safety of your operations, including the current state within your fleet.

Dispatch & Work Orders

Complete dispatch and work orders and keep track of them over time. Collect information that’s required for orders to be fulfilled and maintain your customers satisfied.

Service Orders & Field Service Work

Fill out forms related to any service order or work done out in the field. Collect information whenever a job is done. Keep track of what was done and by who over time.

Pre-Inspection & Checklists

Prior to any vehicle leaving you can collect information such as the state of the vehicle and the fuel level or odometer. Photo evidence can be used to find any inconsistencies.


We build your custom inspection, checklist, and audit forms with exactly everything you need.


Data is collected using intuitive mobile applications that work seamlessly on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


Distribute your data reports and automatically dispatch pre-made forms for maintenance and work orders.

Improve your data collection

Collect different types of data, like recorded voice, scanned QR codes, geolocation, and electronic signatures. No matter where you work, FleetMetrik Forms lets you collect data offline with powerful forms you can manage from your phone or tablet.

Keep track of submissions

Never worry about stepping away from your desk again. Get instant push notifications on your mobile device the moment someone responds to your form.

Try our Driver Pre-Inspection Form

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