Sort through and filter critical alerts and conditions from your fleet

Full dashboard visualization of your fleet

With powerful Pegasus Dash Insights fleet operators will be able to make better decisions based on accurate data.

Safe Driving Indicators

Understand your fleet’s behavior and reduce liability. If you know how your vehicles behave on the road, you can take measures to diminish your risk factors.

Global Fleet Efficiency Indicators 

How you manage your fleet can affect your income. By making a few adjustments, you can maximize the efficiency of your fleet, reducing costs and maintenance times.

Detailed Fleet Efficiency Indicators

Quickly find and identify potential problems such as wasted fuel due to unnecessary idling. Compare traveled distance and fuel consumption to single out the least efficient vehicles. Find speeding vehicles that may become a potential liability. Keep track of your machinery engine hours, to help depreciate assets and schedule maintenances.





Real-time Tracking

Real-time monitoring of all your important assets, as well as other useful information such as route state, fuel levels, unattended alerts, engine error codes, and more!

Triggers & Automation

The ability to combine any condition for events reported by any device and perform actions over them.

The actions performed by the triggers allow you to expand the integration of the Syrus device to any external accessory or device that supports APIs.

Posted Speed Limit Reports

See driver speed performance compared to the posted speed limit, to get a better idea of how drivers are performing and what can be done to improve it.