Carga Transistmica Improves Temperature Monitoring with FleetMetriks

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Carga Transistmica Improves Temperature Monitoring with FleetMetriks

Carga Transístmica, based in Panama, is a company with over 26 years of expertise in handling, storing, and transporting cargo across Central America.

The Challenge

Carga Transístmica faced several challenges, including the need for temperature probes certified by an accredited laboratory. They also required a reliable, multi-operator tracking system for their operations in Central America. Additionally, they aimed to monitor the temperature of their trucks and vans in real-time, even when the units were stationary with the ignition off. Efficient control of total fuel consumption, both during travel and idle periods, was another crucial aspect. Lastly, they sought dynamic data analysis reports for informed decision-making and cost savings.

The Solution

FleetMetriks provided a comprehensive solution, addressing each challenge:

  • Certified and calibrated temperature probes.
  • Telemetry for real-time monitoring.
  • Control over door openings.
  • ThermoKing ignition control.
Tracking & Monitoring
  • Buzzer alerts for drivers approaching the idle limit (15 minutes).
  • Remote engine shutdown control.
  • Dashboards for data analysis.

The Results

The FleetMetriks implementation resulted in significant positive outcomes for Carga Transístmica:

  • Reliable Temperature Tracking
  • Certified Temperature Probes
  • Anti-Idling Policy
  • Temperature Alerts
  • Real Fuel Consumption Control

Reliable Temperature Tracking: The FleetMetriks system ensured not only real-time tracking but also reliable monitoring of temperature for Carga Transístmica’s fleet. This capability was crucial for a cargo company operating in various climates and environments, allowing them to maintain the integrity of their transported goods.

Certified Temperature Probes: All temperature probes implemented by FleetMetriks were not just accurate but also certified and calibrated by an internationally accredited laboratory. This certification provided Carga Transístmica with the assurance of precision and compliance with industry standards, enhancing the reliability of their temperature monitoring.

Anti-Idling Policy: The adoption of an anti-idling policy, facilitated by FleetMetriks, resulted in a significant reduction in fuel consumption costs. By efficiently managing idle times and engine run durations, Carga Transístmica could achieve notable savings in fuel expenses, contributing to both cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

Temperature Alerts: Immediate alerts for any deviations in temperature within established tolerance ranges were a critical feature. This capability enabled Carga Transístmica to proactively address potential issues, preventing damage to sensitive cargo and ensuring that transported goods remained in optimal condition throughout the journey.

Real Fuel Consumption Control: FleetMetriks provided Carga Transístmica with a robust system for monitoring and controlling actual fuel consumption. This detailed insight into fuel usage allowed for informed decision-making, enabling the company to identify areas for further optimization and cost reduction in their overall fuel expenditure.


Carga Transístmica’s success story exemplifies the transformative impact of FleetMetriks in optimizing operations, enhancing efficiency, and achieving substantial cost savings. We take pride in contributing to their success!



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