Spartan Eagle reduces accidents and insurance costs with dash cam solution


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Spartan Eagle reduces accidents and insurance costs with dash cam solution

Spartan Eagle is a leading logistics company based in Gainsville, FL that offers a freight service buffet for brokers. In 2022, the company identified road safety as a major concern, as it had experienced some incidents of accidents and near-misses involving its fleet.  

The Challenge

The management team at Spartan Eagle realized that they needed a solution that would help them monitor their drivers’ behavior and improve road safety. After conducting extensive research, they came across FleetMetriks, and their comprehensive fleet solutions, including dash cams.

The Solution

FleetMetriks worked with Spartan Eagle to install dash cams in all their vehicles. The dashcams were connected to FleetMetriks’ advanced fleet management software, which allowed Spartan Eagle’s management team to monitor the behavior of their drivers as well as potential issues on the road in real-time. The combination of the high-resolution dash-cam together with Syrus 4G on the edge processing provides relevant footage and detects any unsafe driving behavior, such as speeding, harsh braking, and sudden lane changes, as well as serving as evidence in case of an accident.

The Results

The implementation of the dash cam solution led to a significant improvement in road safety for Spartan Eagle. The company’s management team was able to identify drivers who were exhibiting unsafe behavior and provide them with additional training and coaching to improve their driving skills. The dashcams also served as a deterrent for drivers who were tempted to engage in risky driving behavior.

In fact, the footage captured by the dashcams proved to be invaluable in case of accidents or disputes. In the event of an accident, the footage provided an accurate account of what happened and who was at fault, which helped to expedite the claims process and reduce costs. The dash cam footage also helped to protect Spartan Eagle from false claims made by other drivers or pedestrians who may have been involved in an incident with their vehicles.


Overall, the implementation of the dash cam solution from FleetMetriks helped Spartan Eagle to improve road safety, reduce accidents and insurance costs, and protect their drivers and assets. The company saw a significant return on investment from this initiative and has continued to work with FleetMetriks to explore additional fleet management solutions to improve its operations.

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