Transnet eliminates non-authorized vehicle usage

About Transnet Costa Rica

Since 2010, Transnet Costa Rica has been providing Ground Transportation Services throughout Costa Rica for the tourism industry. They pride themselves on having the highest standards of safety, luxury, and exclusivity for their customers.  

The Challenge

Part of what is needed to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction is being punctual, especially in the tourism industry, where eager tourists do not want to spend their time waiting for their transportation to arrive.

Being punctual and keeping a high standard of service was easy at first, but as time went by and the fleet increased in size and was receiving more requests from customers, it became a challenge to manage driving times, vehicle locations, ETA’s, and driver’s behaviors.

The dispatch team spent most of their time on the phone trying to locate drivers and manage their verbally announced location and guesstimating times of arrival that they could relay to their customers.

Needless to say, this was becoming a problem for the operation and resulted in inefficiency, customer dissatisfaction, and a lower standard of service of what they were striving for.

This is what inspired Transnet to seek a technology-based solution to their problem.

The Solution

Now, after implementing FleetMetriks’ real-time data tracking, the dispatch team can locate a vehicle’s position and provide the customer with a more accurate ETA.

They can also repurpose and move vehicles in the fleet around to better utilize downtimes of the fleet. 

“It is a game-changer. We operate our fleet with confidence and a lot of guesswork has gone out the window. When we tell our customers their ride will be there on time, we do it knowing that it is a certainty.”
Renan Chavarria
Transnet CEO

The Results

The implementation also generated an unintended consequence. The drivers stopped using the vehicle for private trips that were costing the company time and money.

The time that the dispatch team spent on the phone with drivers is now better used in helping customers and doing other tasks.

Their customer experience improved significantly since now they were able to control their itineraries to the minute. Their customers spent less time waiting for drivers to show up and were arriving at their destinations on time. 

As counterintuitive as it may seem, we have found that many fleets run their operations partially blind, and, as we always say, you can’t control what you don’t know. 

Improved customer service experience

Eliminated non-authorized vehicle usage

Real-time fleet visibility