Sercansa Improves Fleet Efficiency and Reduces Security Threats

Sercansa improves fleet efficiency and reduces security threats

Sercansa is a logistics and transportation company based in Costa Rica, that has been servicing the transportation needs of the industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors for more than 30 years.

The Challenge

Sercansa was looking for a way to improve the efficiency of its fleet while also increasing the security of its cargo. With a large fleet of vehicles operating in multiple locations, it struggled to keep track of its assets and monitor safety and security.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Sercansa turned to Fleetmetriks and its comprehensive GPS tracking system that would allow the company to monitor the location, speed, and performance of the fleet in real-time, as well as analyze driver behavior and vehicle usage data to identify opportunities for optimization.

In addition to the aforementioned logistic solutions, Fleetmetriks also offered a jamming detection feature that could detect when a vehicle’s GPS signal was being jammed. This would enable the fleet manager to take immediate action to prevent theft or damage to the vehicle, reducing the risk of financial loss and operational disruption.

Since the jamming detection technology alone would not help recover the vehicle, FleetMetriks provided an advanced triangulation system to help locate the vehicle’s position even when the GPS signal is blocked. This is exactly what happened, when, during a demonstration, one of the vehicles being tested happened to have a FleetMetriks device while at the same time carrying a GPS device from an older system. The jammer managed to block both devices’ GPS signals, obscuring their location; nevertheless, the FleetMetriks system not only alerted the fleet operator that something was wrong but was also able to help find the vehicle’s location using alternative methods.

The Results

Overall the partnership has been a great success. By leveraging advanced GPS tracking and fleet management technology, Sercansa was able to significantly improve the efficiency of it’s fleet while also reducing the risk of theft and other security threats. The system provided real-time feedback to drivers and managers, allowing them to take action quickly and prevent accidents, theft, or damage before they occurred.

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