Bags To Go controls delivery times with real-time tracking

About Bags To Go

In 2002, Bags to Go Costa Rica was founded as a luggage delivery service; working with Delta Air Lines and United Airlines. They expanded in 2007 to include tourism transport, partnering with major companies like Grayline, Hotel Beds, and TAM Travel Corporation.

Today they serve a varied client portfolio including American Airlines, US Airways, JetBlue, and Southwest Airlines. In addition, Bags to Go has added last-mile shipping to its service portfolio.

The Challenge

As a direct result of the company’s excellent service and rapid growth, Bags to Go faced new challenges and needs that were not being met by their existing processes and methods.
When the company started out, it did not have a way to track its vehicles. This was fine at first, but as the company grew, and its fleet and clientele expanded rapidly, it needed to find a way to improve the use and management of its assets.

Scheduled maintenance had gotten out of control, and consequently, the company was missing delivery deadlines and passenger pick-up service was also suffering. This is what prompt them to start looking for an automated solution that could help them control their operation and that involved fewer manual processes.

The Solutions

The Results

FleetMetriks’ real-time tracking solution has helped Bags To Go to better manage their vehicles so they can deliver on time, every time. They can now easily identify which vehicle is available, and monitor and control delivery times. By using the share vehicle location, they have improved customer interaction.

FleetMetriks’ Report Suite provided Bags to Go with a set of reports that allowed them to monitor driver behaviors like speeding, idling times, harsh braking, and harsh acceleration. With this data, they were able to make changes in driver training and management strategies to improve passenger experience and safety, while reducing risk and liability on the road.

The FleetMetriks Automation module has allowed our client to create an automated maintenance alert for each vehicle. This makes it easy for the fleet manager to keep track of maintenance schedules, which in turn maximizes the utilization of their vehicles.