Truckslogic saves on fuel consumption with TPMS

About Truckslogic

Truckslogic is a leading company in the delivery of comprehensive logistics solutions for the transport, distribution, and storage of goods. Founded in Panama in 2007, with a purpose to offer its clients a comprehensive logistics service. Today, what began as an ideal is a reality, they have built a brand that is synonymous with quality and innovation.

Why did Truckslogic choose FleetMetriks?

Increased trip safety and security

FleetMetriks is proud to announce that our fleet automation technology has met the compliance levels of Truckslogic’s safety regulations. For example, the use of seat belts is not only required but now also guaranteed as it has become an automated process, where drivers must comply before starting their vehicles. Our product ensures that drivers are always buckled up and ready to go.

Savings in fuel consumption

One of the biggest expenses for fleets is usually fuel; with FleetMetriks Panama’s fleet management platform it is simple to control operating costs and maximize fuel savings, by identifying and improving the factors that directly affect consumption.

The FleetMetriks Panama solution provides valuable information about driver behavior, vehicle maintenance, route planning, and more. This allows you to improve your company’s performance, optimize your processes, and anticipate problems before they occur.

Fuel metric analysis reports obtained directly from the vehicle’s engine (see below) helped to achieve a reduction of up to 20% in total fuel consumption.

  • Fuel level
  • Instant consumption
  • Instant efficiency
  • Total consumption
  • Total idle time
  • Total distance travelled

Real-time fleet visibility

FleetMetriks’ management platform is ideal for vehicle monitoring; with it, fleet managers can know where specific vehicle information like its location, which routes were taken on trips, how many stops were made, the length of client visits, and more. By setting up notification alerts, they are able to have better control of the overall fleet performance, detect opportunities for improvement, and obtain traceability of field operations.

The Results

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Analyze aggressive driving patterns
  • Efficient control of fuel consumption
  • Improved maintenance management
  • Increase tire lifespan
  • Eliminate non-authorized vehicle usage
  • Improve driver responsibility