Copama manages fuel consumption and reduces costs

Copama Panama controls its fleet’s fuel with the solution offered by the FleetMetriks’ platform and their integration with BSmart/Piusi

Copama is a forklift, lifting equipment, pumps, power plants, transfer boards, commercial and industrial cleaning equipment distributor, and COPAMA RENTAL, specializes in forklift and construction equipment rental and has a tire sales department in Panama.

BSmart is a fuel dispense management platform developed by PIUSI, which allows its users to have information on filling, consumption, deviations, and reports on each.

PIUSI also manufactures electronic fuel dispensers that communicate with the BSmart platform, which allows data and fleet fuel transaction management visualization.

FleetMetriks is DCT’s telematics solution for the management of all types of fleets focused on reducing costs, streamlining processes, and reducing road risk. This is done through real-time telematics and integration with multiple sensors that allow the generation of information dashboards, automation, and scheduled reports.

Copama was in need of a way to control its fleet’s fuel supply. This was achieved by implementing electronic dispensers manufactured by PIUSI, which, through the BSmart platform, provide consumption reports produced directly from the dispenser. However, there were still some variables that needed to be measured in order to have a clearer picture of the fleet’s general condition.

Thanks to the BSmart fuel management system integration, developed by DCT through the new “BSmart Fuel Analytics” module, Copama can not only get visualization of the data generated by the fuel dispensers, but it can also have the relationship of consumption and cost with the trips made by the vehicles in your fleet, resulting in a precise analysis of consumption, costs, distances, dead times and hours of operation in a fast and friendly way.

After implementing this new integration, Copama is able to measure fuel consumption and view fleet usage markers; this provides clearer visibility into the variables and driving habits that directly affect consumption and how they can be modified to make fuel management more efficient and to reduce overall costs.

The information dashboard allows Copama to make adjustments to its operation and make decisions quickly based on the data displayed. Quick access to this data eliminates guesswork, exposing potential loss points that were previously unidentifiable by reading spreadsheet reports with hundreds of lines of information.

Efficiency Panel

The efficiency panel allows Copama to see the efficiency of each vehicle in the fleet, displayed in km/gal and gl/hr. This allows them to easily recognize which vehicles lose efficiency due to idling and which are the most efficient vehicles in the field.

Time and Distance Panel

The time and distance panel helps identify the distance traveled by a vehicle and the number of hours the engine was on to determine which vehicles cover the greatest distance in the least amount of time.

Cost and Consumption Panel

The table above indicates the fuel consumption of each vehicle and the cost associated with it. It can be compared with the table of efficiencies and distances to make adjustments in logistics. If a vehicle is not very efficient, we can make sure that it is not the one that travels the longest distance to generate fuel savings.

The new module is a fantastic addition to the growing suite of tools that DCT makes available to its customers. It helps improve their processes and eliminate costs and inefficiencies inherent in fleet management.