Open Blue saves on operational costs

Open Blue is a pioneer and world leader in open ocean fish farming. They are dedicated to environmentally conscious fish farming and operate from a state-of-the-art hatchery to offshore farms called “SeaStations”. These stationed farms are located 8 miles offshore and are designed to withstand harsh ocean conditions like strong currents, high wind speeds, and high waves.

With FleetMetriks Panama’s application, Open Blue can track their vessels’ location and status 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing them to manage their fleet more efficiently.

Increase efficiency

Savings in operational costs

Speed Monitoring

Why did Open Blue choose FleetMetriks?

Since the implementation of FleetMetriks Panama’s technology, Open Blue has improved its product transportation process. By tracking the vessels in real-time, they have been able to reduce transportation times from the stations to the mainland by 30% thus guaranteeing compliance with local regulations and generating savings in operational costs.

Vessel speed & location monitoring

In addition to insights that allow Open Blue to make more informed decisions about their fleet, FleetMetriks’ system allows Open Blue to know the exact speed of each vessel, which makes it easier to take action to speed violations enforced by local regulations.

“FleetMetriks’ telematics system lets you know exactly what is happening with your ships at all times, so you can get ahead of problems before they become catastrophes. Their system, which uses technology to monitor and track all types of assets, including vehicles, ships, and other heavy machinery, helps you keep your fleet on track by providing instant access to real-time information. You’ll never have to wonder where your ships are or what they’re doing—you’ll know exactly what’s going on!

– Erubey Jaen (Captain)

Compliance of local regulations

Now, Open Blue can comply with Resolution No.106-44-DGMM of the Panamanian Authorities, guaranteeing the geolocation and remote tracking of all vessels operating on the High Seas.

This means we can make sure:

-Your fleet is compliant with international requirements

-Your fleet is able to get authorized access to market fish from the High Seas

-You’re able to track your fleet’s location in real-time

The Results

  • Compliance with vessel geolocation regulations set by the Panama Maritime Authorities
  • Increased operational efficiency in the distribution chain from their offshore locations or checkpoints to the final customer by controlling travel time and vessel stops
  • Reduced fleet downtime
  • Ability to make decisions based on recording of operational variables