Toyota Rent a Car increases vehicle safety



About Toyota Rent a Car

TOYOTA Rent a Car is a company with more than 50 years in the rent a car market, being part of the wonderful experiences, that Costa Rica offers. Their priority is to provide clients with high-quality services, focused on environmental social responsibility. They have locations in Liberia, San José, and Alajuela. 

Success Story Summary

Toyota Rent a Car rents out cars to clients in the greater San Jose area of Costa Rica. Toyota needed a real-time solution for managing their company vehicles and outsourced drivers. They wanted real-time fleet visibility even when their vehicles were turned off, but they didn’t have a way to do that with their current system.

After partnering with FleetMetriks Costa Rica, Toyota Rent a Car was able to leverage DCT technology, remote shutdown, and other tools to ensure total visibility of all their vehicles, even while they were off.

The Challenge

Toyota Rent a Car, the Costa Rican subsidiary of Toyota, needed a fleet tracking solution that would allow them to track their fleet even when vehicles were turned off.

The Solution

FleetMetriks provides Toyota with vehicle tracking systems that include remote shutdown. This gives them real-time visibility into their fleet, whenever and wherever they need it—even if the vehicle is turned off.

The Results

Toyota is now able to track vehicles that are turned off and provide the same real-time fleet visibility as if the vehicles were on. Thanks to the FleetMetriks solution, they also take advantage of the remote shutdown feature, used in case of theft or unauthorized usage. All in all, our technology has given Toyota the peace of mind it needs to run its business smoothly and successfully.

Remote shutdown
of vehicles

Increased driver safety

Complete fleet visibility