Seteo S.A simplifies their operation processes

About Seteo S.A.

In March 2008, SETEO S.A. was founded with the purpose of providing high-quality solutions in technical support, installation and maintenance of information and communication technologies, specifically in residential internet, fixed telephony, cable and satellite television, corporate services in the final installation of fiber optic links for massive consumption, construction and maintenance of the primary telecommunications network in Costa Rica.

Since its founding, SETEO S.A. has developed an organizational model based on the highest quality standards, which has allowed it to position itself as a leading company in the sector in Costa Rica. In addition to providing solutions to meet the needs of its customers and partners, it has developed a culture focused on innovation, quality, and efficiency in all processes of its value chain.

Success Story Summary

Since the implementation of FleetMetriks Costa Rica technology, Seteo S.A. maintains full control of all vehicles in its fleet. Real-time location and tracking, elimination of unauthorized use by drivers, simplified fuel control, security alerts and a wide variety of fleet reports has contributed to the reduction of operating costs and number of accidents, as well as an increase in productivity.

Fleet visibility

With FleetMetriks Costa Rica’s Pegasus Gateway system, management at Seteo S.A. is able to monitor each vehicle of their fleet, allowing for real-time location tracking, route and trip information, customer visits, and instant alerts that allow for better control and traceability of field operations.

Simple processes

Today, in order to maintain the efficient supply of fuel for their vehicles, companies must have a high degree of control over their consumption, costs, and consumption patterns.

Through the use of FleetMetriks Costa Rica’s technology, the number of man-hours that Seteo S.A. dedicated to controlling the fuel of the units has been drastically reduced, now in just minutes, they can generate fuel reports for the entire fleet or for each vehicle, providing more accurate information for timely decision making.

Maintenance and safery alerts

Fleetmetriks’ platform provides instant security alerts automatically generated when certain conditions are met in the vehicles of the Seteo S.A. fleet.

Some of those conditions include:

  • The vehicle approaches an unauthorized area (border crossing)
  • The vehicle exceeds the allowed speed
  • The vehicle’s battery disconnection is detected

We also provide preventive maintenance alerts such as:

  • Unit requires oil change for 5,000 km traveled

Such alerts are issued and managed through our platform or can be received via emails, Telegram, SMS, automated calls.

Restricted areas and labor hour monitoring

In order to ensure that the vehicles are only being used in the areas and times pre-established by Seteo S.A., the system automatically issues an action to remotely turn off the vehicle in the event of non-compliance with the rules of restriction and permanence implemented in specific zones.