ESPH uses video telematics to increase road safety



About ESPH

ESPH is a public company that provides services for drinking water, sanitary sewage, evacuation of pluvial waters, as well as the generation and distribution of electrical energy and public lighting with coverage area in the province of Heredia in Costa Rica.

The Challenge

Public services companies face the challenge of making the best use of their available resources, and efficiency is key when dealing with public goods. Besides providing the expected utility services, maintenance, and repairs, they also have to ensure that their fleet is well maintained and that it is used where it is most needed, while at the same time, setting the example when it comes to road safety practices.

ESPH decided to set the bar when it comes to its fleet management. With the use of Fleetmetriks’ solutions such as real-time fleet location and routing, they have been able to reduce attention times by choosing the best routes for their service vehicles. Since they know the fleet’s position at all times, they can deploy the resources that are closest to the affected areas more efficiently.

The Solution

They have also increased road safety by installing FleetMetrik’s video telematics solution, together with the virtual copilot application. The virtual copilot helps the driver know when they are entering a high-risk zone via voice alerts and reminds them if a zone has a specific speed limit. This helps the driver be mindful of the areas they are currently driving on.

The dash cam adds an extra layer of security and gives the fleet management better insight into aggressive driving alerts paired with video clips of any incidents to issue safety recommendations to the drivers. 

Fleetmetriks video telematics cloud sends you real-time alerts paired with video evidence so you can see the time and place of occurrence.
Videos can be played with the touch of a button.  You can also download them directly on your device for later reproduction or if you want to keep local copies.

Increased road safety

Improved driver security

Real-time fleet visibility