Orca Distribuciones decreases material theft by 20%





Success Story Summary

Orca Distribuciones, a distribution company based in Mérida, Yucatán, suffered from a lack of security. They had no way of seeing what was happening during deliveries and pickups.

FleetMetriks Mexico, DCT’s authorized global distributor, provided Orca with a complete GPS and security solution. The system included the Syrus SL36-1645 device and the Photocam accessory.

As a result of implementing this solution, Orca saw a 20% decrease in material theft, increased security during deliveries, and increased control of materials.

About Orca Distribuciones

Orca Distribuciones is a construction materials distribution company based in Mérida, Yucatán. They deliver a range of products to various locations in the region, including cement, electrical equipment, and other goods. With 10 vehicles in their fleet and an ever-growing customer base, they were looking for more comprehensive GPS tracking services than they received from their previous provider.

The Challenge

Orca Distributions, a company based out of Merida, Yucatan that delivers and picks up materials in the same region, was struggling to keep track of their inventory while they were on the move. They had GPS satellite tracking technology to follow their vehicles as they moved through the area, but they did not have a way to make sure that inventory was being maintained properly.

They relied on their drivers to maintain their stock, which proved problematic because there was no way to actually see what was happening during deliveries. They wanted a solution that would allow them to remotely monitor the contents of the vehicle without relying solely on the manual reports provided by drivers.

The Solution

FleetMetriks Mexico provided Orca with a complete GPS and security solution that included both the Syrus 3G and Photocam accessory.

This allowed Orca to monitor its shipments through live image captures and geofencing technology alerts. The equipment also provided information about the vehicle itself: location, speed, engine status, etc.

Automatic photo captureRecord of opening and closingReal-time visibility

Automatic photo capture

Vehicles fitted with Syrus SL3G-1645 devices and Photocam accessories can now send high-resolution images to the monitoring platform when their container doors are opened. These images contain geo-reference information indicating whether the material was delivered in authorized or unauthorized areas. These photographic records are archived on the platform and are also delivered via email through real-time alerts.

Record of opening and closing of doors

Orca Distribuciones now has an automated record of the opening and closing events of the container doors of its vehicles, including a geo-referenced photographic record from the FleetMetriks web platform. Records can be generated and edited to produce reports for investigations, as well as to provide transparency and traceability in cargo transportation.

Real-time fleet visibility

The company’s executives use the FleetMetriks Mexico system to track the cargo moving through their supply chain; they know at all times where their shipments are, the route they take, and can receive alerts about any security issues.

The Results

Orca Distribuciones, a shipping company in Mexico, has found success thanks to FleetMetriks Mexico.

The new system allowed Orca Distribuciones to see exactly what was happening during deliveries and pickups, and that’s not all. The company also saw a 20% drop in material theft and an increase in the safety of its drivers and delivery vehicles.

Thanks to FleetMetriks Mexico’s complete solution, Orca’s fleet managers now have full traceability of all their loads.

20% decrease in material theft

Increased driver safety

Complete fleet visibility