Abacor Association improves fleet and material visibility

About Abacor Association

The Abacor Association (Banco de Alimentos de Costa Rica) is a non-profit organization founded on March 21, 2012, whose objective is to obtain and rescue food and basic necessities for distribution to the population at risk and exclusion.

Its mission is to help improve the quality of life of people in vulnerable situations through:

  • Collection of donations from companies and individuals
  • Food management
  • Distribution to beneficiary organizations

Success Story Summary

Asociacion Abacor now uses FleetMetriks’ platform to monitor its cargo vehicles. Thanks to the integration of the Syrus 3G GPS tracking device, photo camera, and door sensors in the containers, automatic alerts are now generated in real-time in case of unauthorized access, allowing for almost immediate action.

The alerts generated by the system allow Asociacion Abacor personnel to locate their cargo and take remedial action immediately, minimizing almost to zero the diversion or theft during transport from the collection site to the storage center.

The Challenges

Asociación Abacor had no way of monitoring their produce as it was transported from the fields to storage warehouses. They would receive GPS tracking data, but they could not see what was going on with the cargo while it was being carried along the roads. The company suspected that food and other products were being stolen during the transportation phase. This posed a serious challenge for Asociación Abacor’s operations and led to serious losses in revenue.

Fleet visiblity

The company had GPS satellite tracking technology for vehicle tracking but did not have visual monitoring of the cargo. Instead, it relied on manual inventory, which had numerous flaws.

Donation removal by personnel

There was no way of knowing how to open and close the container doors outside the authorized areas, so it was presumed that the truck was unloading in unauthorized places.

The Results

FleetMetriks’ offered a solution that integrates GPS tracking devices with high-resolution cameras and sensors on the container doors, all while keeping the data within one easy-to-use platform.

The results were amazing: we exceeded the requirements of cost, security, and visibility that Asociacion Abacor had for their fleet.

Automatic CaptureOpen/close RecordsReal-time Visibility

Automatic photo capture

With FleetMetriks’ technology, Asociacion Abacor is able to automatically capture geo-referenced photos when a container door is opened in an unauthorized area (outside of the collection and storage center). The platform stores a photographic record of the incident and sends a real-time email alert.

Door opening & closing records

After the implementation of the system, Abacor has an automated record of the opening and closing events of container doors, which includes a geo-referenced photographic record from FleetMetriks’ platform, as well as the generation and programming of reports for investigations and traceability of the cargo.

Visibilidad sobre la carga en tiempo real

The fleet’s managers use FleetMetriks’ system to monitor the movement of cargo, allowing them to know at all times its location, the route where it is moving, and obtaining security alerts until the final destination.