AI Video Safety Solutions for Crossborder Fleets

As a Qualitas-authorized safety technology partner, FleetMetriks has packaged a solution to keep all fleets compliant with Qualitas guidelines.

Introducing the Qualitas Risk Prevention Program, where your fleet’s well-being is our top priority! We are committed to enhancing safety and mitigating risks for our valued customers. At Qualitas, we go beyond traditional insurance solutions by harnessing cutting-edge video technology to empower your drivers and fleet managers.

Our innovative Qualitas Risk Prevention Program is designed with a singular goal in mind – to help you reduce claims and achieve your objectives while ensuring a safer operational environment. By implementing our advanced video technology solutions, we provide your drivers and fleet managers with the tools they need to excel, all while minimizing risk.

This camera is dual-facing (road and driver views) and has AI capabilities.

$199 – FM Vision Pro Camera

Hardware Cost + $35/month

The comprehensive plug-and-play OBD cable connector solution detects harsh braking, accelerations, seatbelt usage, food and drink, cell phone use, and smoking, equipped with in-cabin coaching alerts and privacy mode for discreet driver alerts only, ensuring effortless self-installation and enhanced fleet management.

  • 1-year plan

Hardware Includes:

  • Vision Pro Camera
  • Power Cable
  • Shipping 

Monthly Fee Includes:

  • Cloud Platform: access & storage
  • Unlimited images 
  • Safety Dashboard
  • Technical training
  • Support via platform live chat
  • Harsh driving detection
  • AI driver coaching
  • Cellphone use detection
  • Unfastened seatbelt detection
  • Smoking detection
  • Food & drink detection
  • Inattentive driver detection

Need a longer plan?

Contact us to request 3-year plan pricing.

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  • info@fleetmetriks.com
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