Keep your family safe & secure

Get peace of mind with Syrus Lynx, a small safety device with the latest advancements in tracking and safety technology.


Live GPS

Remote Vehicle


Stay Connected and Secure with Syrus Lynx – Your Personal GPS Tracking Solution

  • Compact size
  • Quick install
  • Internal backup battery
  • Easy-to-use app 

Track Your Teen Drivers in Real-time

Live GPS tracking is a powerful and effective tool for parents who are concerned about their teen drivers’ safety on the road. With this feature, you can ensure that your drivers are safe and driving responsibly.

Have Peace of Mind with Instant Alerts

Receive instant notifications when your teen exceeds a certain speed limit, leaves a predetermined area, or engages in any other behavior that may be cause for concern. These alerts allow parents to take immediate action and ensure their child’s safety on the road.

Get notified when your teen enters and exits any predetermined area, like school, their friend’s houses, or the shopping mall.