Solutions to increase efficiency, productivity, and safety in the Mining Industry.



Monitor the temperature and pressure changes for the tires on all your heavy machinery.

Satellite Coverage

Satellite coverage guarantees connectivity even in the most remote work areas.

Fatigue Sensor

Protect life and property, combat driver fatigue, and decrease the chances of an accident.

The smart way to extend the life of your tires

The FleetMetriks TPMS OTR solution provides you with alerts in real-time, this means that the tires will remain less time in an unfavorable condition, and you don’t have to wait until it is too late to make a correction. This also means that you will preserve the useful life of your tires as intended by the manufacturer. 

Connectivity without compromise

Now you can stay connected from anywhere on the job. With satellite connectivity providing coverage almost anywhere you work, your hard-to-reach job sites just got a lot easier to manage.

It’s the ideal solution for critical scenarios & activities that request reliable, near real-time, communication services without depending on a cellular network.

Protect life and property

Workplace accidents can be avoided by configuring early warning triggers that remind the driver to focus on the road. These triggers can be programmed to go off when a driver looks around, talks to passengers, bows their head, or spends a significant amount of time operating audio/navigation systems, thus promoting safe distraction-free driving.

Distracted Driving

No Driver Detected

Fatigued Driver