Enhance the efficiency of your agricultural business.


Trip Management

Advanced cameras that monitor the road with automated technology can help decrease the risk of accidents and improve driver safety.

Temperature Monitoring

Ensure safe food transportation with IoT-enabled tracking and monitoring.

Camera Surveillance

Our driver identification solution is designed to ensure that drivers identify themselves before taking a trip.

Maximize your field coverage and optimize fuel usage

View vehicle trajectory and based on that information plan their next path to achieve maximum field coverage and optimize fuel usage.

Monitor temperature and location in real-time

FleetMetriks can help you get your perishable products to their destination faster by giving you evidence that you’ve maintained temperature control in your shipments.

With alerts about temperatures that are out of range, you can also minimize the number of rejected shipments due to spoilage.

Peace of mind when you’re not there

Capture your agricultural assets anytime, anywhere by configuring your camera accessory to take photos based on events.

Get alerts when doors open during unauthorized hours, an intruder is detected, and even when a panic button is pressed.