Improving fleet and driver safety using Syrus 4G & Cipia

Improving fleet and driver safety using Syrus 4G & Cipia


1. Cipia-FS10 analyzes driver data (drowsiness, fatigue, cellphone use) based on driver recognition functionality

2. Syrus 4G IoT Gateway receives and processes video data from Cipia-FS10 to generate multiple actions:

a. Commands Hikvision dashcam to ‘create clip’ video/audio recording
b. Analyzes data for virtual copilot audible coaching (Bluetooth speaker)
c. Activates event data recording using backlog functionality
d. Mobileye captures data for specific ADAS events
e. Sends data to Pegasus IoT Cloud for real-time visualization, reports, triggers

3. Fleet operators evaluate driver behavior and take action using Pegasus IoT Cloud:

a. Driver score app
b. Reports and Dashboards
c. Real-time alerts

4. Developers can use Syrus Cloud API to integrate data/videos with their own third-party platforms.

Backlog FeatureInteractive DashboardsEasy Driver Score App Real-time Alerts

View event data, second by second, before and after any critical event.

Dashboards for data analytics and interactive visualization.

Evaluate all events like overspeed and aggressive driving that will put your driver or fleet at risk.

Configure any alert from your fleet combining video data together with over 250 parameters like driver behavior, ADAS data, speeding, route information, and more.