A rechargeable battery operated asset tracking product designed for advance tracking functionalities and remote monitoring of high value mobile assets. Ideal solution for managing assets that need to be deployed for long periods without external power supply

Water Resistant

Ruggedized IP67 polycarbonate sealed enclosure

API Interaction

Hundreds of available parameters direct interaction with embedded-intelligence functions through APIs.

Metal tamper detection

Immediate device removal notifications capability

Global multi-carrier connectivity

Wireless connectivity whit no boundaries, ideal for worldwide massive deployment.

Prolonged Battery Operation

Rechargeable battery for long periods of self-powered operation with automatic battery status notications

Built remore diagnostics

Remote management and performance monitoring with OTA capabilities

Technical Sheet

Industries & Applications

Transportation: Trailers, Containers, Cargo, Railcars.

Construction companies: heavy equipment & machinery.

Rental equipment: electricity generators, mobile offices, waste containers, chemical toilets.

Enhanced Functionality & Features:

Standalone self-powered tracking device with superior GPS performance.

Ruggedized IP67 polycarbonate sealed enclosure.

High performance Li-Ion Rechargeable battery with advance power management capabilities.

Metal tamper detection for immediate device removal notifications.

Built-in 3-axis accelerometer sensor for high resolution reporting.

Global SIM card with multi carrier preferences through m2mCloudConnect division.

Totally configurable over-the-web using Pegasus Gateway application with custom script reporting configurations.

Remote management diagnostics performance and firmware over the air capabilities.

100 built-in Geo-fences.

Automatic battery status notifications.

Seal cable for theft detection on container door opening.

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