Hardwire Tracking device with basic input and output. Ideal for low cost solution and massive deployments.

Water Resistant

IP65 enclosure suitable for all kind of mobile assets exposed to harsh weather conditions.

API Interaction

Hundreds of available parameters direct interaction with embedded-intelligence functions through APIs.

Tamper Detection

Anti-tamper functionality that accurately detects enclosure opening

Global multi-carrier connectivity

Wireless connectivity whit no boundaries, ideal for worldwide massive deployment.

Low energy consumption

ultra low consumption during sleep mode and remote battery monitoring

Built remote diagnostics

Adveaced functions to monitor the health oh harware components as well as efficent communication

Technical Sheet

Advance Interaction Through RESTful APIs

Create and deploy your own IoT/M2M solution without the complexity of low level data abstraction or interacting with complex hardware protocols. Integrate and share data with any third party platform via industry standard Web Services.

Key Features

Internal rechargeable backup battery

Built in motion sensor to implement Smart Power Management (low power consumption modes)

Embedded GSM and GPS antennas with superior cellular and GPS quality

IP65 sealed enclosure

Over the air firmware upgrade and over the air configuration management via Pegasus gateway

Turn by turn reports to guarantee the best possible tracking resolution.

Up to five SMS telephone Numbers.

Up to 30.000 buffered messages

Up to 100 built in circular geofences

Up to 100 built in polygonal geofences

Virtual Hour Meter

Virtual Odometer

Up to 16 user signals

Up to 20 user counters

Motion, shock and aggressive driving detection

Accelerations backlog

Remote configuration via API

Abstract high level interaction via Pegasus Gateway REST API

Ultra low power consumption during sleep mode (<1mA)

Customizable pre-fabricated cable connector (automotive connectors, waterproof connectors, connectors, Molex, etc)

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