Designed specifically by DCT as an interface to read CAN protocols J1939 / J1708 & J1587 for automotive applications. The ECU Monitor can be connected directly to our tracker devices to integrate available CAN parameters.

How it works

For example, the ECU monitor reads the RPM parameters directly from the on-board-computer on the vehicle. With the SYRUS’s intelligent engine configurations, thresholds can be set to trigger alerts if a certain RPM limit has been reached and trigger different actions accordingly.

Technical Sheet

Parameters Read

Vehicle Speed (km/h)

Engine’s oil pressure (psi)

Coolant liquid pressure (psi)

Trip distance (km)

Total traveled distance/Odometer (km)

Throttle pedal position (%)

Engine revolutions per minute (rpm)

Instant fuel consumption (liters/h)

DM1 diagnostic messages

Cruise control state

PTO state

Parking break state

Vehicle’s battery level (V)

Vehicle’s current fuel level (%)

Engine’s oil level (%)

Coolant liquid level (%)

Transmission liquid level (%)

Transmission oil temperature (ºC)

Total engine usage hours (h)

Service distance (km)

Total fuel used while in idle (liters)

Total time while engine is in idle (h)

Total fuel used (liters)

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