Fleet Management Solutions

It’s not easy running a small business – especially when you need to track a fleet of vehicles. Without knowing each vehicle’s location, it is tough to choose the best routes. This leads to lost time, high fuel costs, excessive mileage, and damaging wear and tear. At this point, fleet tracking becomes a valuable tool in running your fleet.

Benefits & features
A Complete System for Compliance, Safety,
Efficiency, and Customer Service

 Improve Fleet Productivity

Rich reports and visualizations enable fleets to complete more jobs in fewer hours and with fewer miles, while dispatch tools, real-time traffic, and route analytics help operators increase output

 Reduce Labor & Fuel Costs

On-demand reports and real-time alerts identify and correct fuel waste, while route analytics help reduce unnecessary miles, saving both fuel and labor

 Streamline Maintenance

Over-the-air vehicle diagnostics, engine utilization reports, and real-time fault code alerts enable maintenance departments to prevent breakdowns and automate routine inspections.

Turnkey Applications

We know that the temperature in storage cabins and containers is essential to ensure the quality of goods for various industries. Our highly accurate wireless sensors detect even a small variation in temperature above or below the permissible threshold, either alert or customize automated actions in real time.


Quick setup, easier to use
Multiple sensors can be installed per container for temperature and humidity critical goods.
Prevent Loss With Real-Time Alerts
Monitor the temperature of perishables in real time, receiving over-the-air alerts by SMS or email when temperatures rise above desired levels.
Eliminate Manual Temperature Logging
Centralized log of historical temperature data that simplifies analyses.
Lucid Temperature reports with accurate logs
Minute wise temperature logs to ensure the quality of goods.
API Integrations

Key Features

  •  Real-time and historical temperature visibility
  •  Real-time position tracking
  •  Real-time humidity value
  •  Get instant SMS, call or e-mail alerts or trigger any action in case of temperature anomalies
  •  Graphs and charts to interpret temperature data efficiently.
  •  Real time temperature integration for the entire fleet with Websocket API


  •  Shipments needing constant refrigeration are spoiled if they lose temperature
  •  Cause of temperature loss and liability is unclear in complex global supply chains
  •  Inability to take corrective actions in a timely manner
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Food chain supply such a meats, dairy products, fresh vegetables & fruits, flower transportations.


  • To install multiple sensor into refrigerated cabinet or container.
  • Automatically synchronize with tracker device and platforms.
  • Establish thresholds and create events when the temperature falls below or above these thresholds
  • Report temperature in real-time and on any event generated.

Fleet Metriks

Tire Pressure Monitoring - Cloud Integration

Accurate real-time information about pressure and temperature. Control over every single tire. Longer service life and higher safety.

Together with Continental Tire and its ContiPressureCheck™, we have developed reliable solution to control pressure and temperature of tires. Dispatcher’s access to those priceless data dramatically increases safety of vehicles and effects in reduced consumption. The scope of generated savings can be a pleasant surprise. The solution works with every tire brand.


Increase in driver’s and vehicle’s safety

Prolonged life of tyres

Combustion savings

Anti-theft tool


- Precise information about pressure and temperature of tires.
- The data presented in real time.
- Control over every single tire.
- Increased safety of the driver and other road users.
- Instant notification of irregularities.
- Extended tire life through proper pressure.
- Savings as a result of reduced combustion.
- Protection against theft.
- A clear visualization of data collected.
- The solution works with any brand.

Instant alert and notifications

Graph Tire - Pressure & Temperature Analytics

Fuel Monitoring
Take control over fuel spending with Fleet Metriks Solutions.

Fuel price volatility is a concern for everyone. Our Fuel Monitoring Solutions is a relief in the hands of a fleet manager, providing him large scope for optimizing his fuel budget and drastically reducing operating expenses.

Get control of your fuel spend

Reduce vehicle speed
According to the U.S. Environmental Protections Agency (EPA), each 5 mph driven above the posted speed limit has the net effect of costing about 20 cents more per gallon of gas. Multiply that cost across several vehicles and you have a huge source of cost leakage.
The route to fuel savings
Ensure your employees drive fewer miles, saving on fuel spend and consumption with efficient routing.
Maintain your vehicles for fuel efficiency
From checking tire pressure to replacing air filters, a well-maintained fleet uses less gas.
Ensure fuel efficient driving behaviors
Negative driving behaviors such as aggressive driving, including speeding and rapid acceleration, burns fuel and the money in your pocket.
Know where your fuel is going
With numerous fuel reports, you can gain insight into all of your fuel expenses.
Don’t idle away your money
Set up real-time alerts to eliminate inefficient fuel practices such as excessive speeding and idling.

Key Features

  •   Real-time and historical fuel consumption visibility
  •   Graph the Daily Fuel Level consumption:
  •     - Amount of Total Fuel and Idle fuel.
        - Idling fuel (%)
        - Instant fuel efficiency.
  •   Set up instant SMS and email alerts:
        - Fueling and drain


Depending on the conditions and the equipment, different fuel monitoring methods can be applied:

  • 1) Fuel level in the tank
  • 2) Receiving data from computer on-board vehicle (ECU).

Engine Diagnostic Monitoring
Turn valuable data from vehicle’s engine into right actions.

Keep a healthy fleet for a robust business

Reduce breakdowns, by staying on top of vehicle repair and maintenance
Reduce fuel costs, track driver behaviors that drive fuel bills up and single out fuel charges by vehicle
Potentially lower insurance premiums, Proactively manage and encourage driver safety. In-vehicle telematics devices give you insight into driver behavior.

Key Features

  •  Stay on preventative maintenance to expand the life of your truck
  •     - Manage fleet maintenance
  •     - Scheduling reminders
  •     - Set up automatic alerts to be received when your trucks are due for service
  •     - Set alerts to remind your team or your mechanic of service needs on the horizon by date, vehicle mileage or hours of use

How it works

Our Fleet Metriks’ Engine Control Unit (ECU Monitor) can alert you to mechanical issues enabling you to stay on top of it. Reports can be delivered automatically, when and to whom you choose. Create one report for everyone while assuring each user only sees the vehicles that their permissions allow.

Reading up to 50 parameters directly from the on-board-computer on the vehicle. Depend on kind of protocols the parameters might be any of these:

  •  Engine’s oil pressure/level (psi)
  •  Throttle pedal position (%)
  •  Engine revolutions per minute (rpm)
  •  Engine’s oil pressure (psi)
  •  Coolant liquid pressure (psi)
  •  Diagnostic signals dm1
  •  Parking brake status
  •  Battery voltage level
  •  Fuel level
  •  Engine’s working hours
  •  Service mileages
  •  Fuel consumption on idle condition
  •  Engine’s working hours on idling
  •  Total fuel consumption and others.

Driver Id & Behavior Monitoring
From now on you will have a complete solution over hands to find out what drivers do.

Our Fleetmetriks Driver Reports help companies to proactively ensure that driver and fleet safety is a priority. It identifies aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, sudden cornering and ranks drivers based on their performance on these key behaviors.

This improves visibility into how employees drive and helps pinpoint drivers that are in need of coaching and improvement.


Increase driver safety
Reduce the number of driving-related incidents
Save on fuel by reducing aggressive driving
Preserve your business’ reputation
Authorization drives to avoid unauthorizes usage, for security applications

Key Features

  • Driver identification.
  • Driver behavior using counter such as speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and others.
  • Driver activity reports.
  • Driver authorization setting up restrictions based on schedules and geofences.

How it works

Identify who is driving a particular vehicle and setup restrictions based on authorized schedules or geofences. We offer additional insight into the behavior and whereabouts of your drivers.

Depending on peripherical you have chosen, different Diver Id methods can be applied:

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