According to the Latest Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report

  •  There were an estimated 707,758 thefts of motor vehicles nationwide in 2015
  •  In the U.S. one vehicle is stolen every 44.6 seconds
  •  In fact, 41 % of vehicles stolen from auto dealerships are never recovered

A high percentage of unrecoverable vehicle thefts are attributed to organized rings. Some of these rings are led by teenagers, who, in addition to stealing vehicles from dealer lots, may vandalize the vehicles, often causing millions of dollars in damage in a single instance.

If your dealership faces challenges such as stolen vehicle on the lot, inability to locate vehicles on the lot, dead batteries and unauthorized use.


Key Dealer Inventory Benefits.

Save time, cost and improve staff productivity.
Service and parts staff can save time tracking down a specific vehicle’s exact location whether on or off the lot.
Dealer Staff can instantly locate any vehicle on or off lot.
loaner or dealer owned vehicles. Dealers can now know the real-time exact location of any vehicle quickly and accurately.
Fly through floor plan audits.
Managers can breeze through inventory audits by locating and verifying any vehicle, including demo and loaner stock.
Real time status and location on demo and loaner vehicles.
Instantly Get Fleet Status Report on all vehicles on or off Lot.
Receive speed alerts, to insure vehicle compliance
or to alert dealer staff of possible loaner or demo vehicle problems.
  • Key Security Benefits

  •  Locate and find any vehicle on the lot or off.
  •  Instantly view, locate and recover any missing or stolen vehicles
  •  Instantly view, locate any dealerships loaner or demo vehicles
  •  Receive instant email alerts on vehicles that travel outside your dealer set range
  •  Receive low battery alerts to insure vehicle readiness
  •  View any vehicle real time anywhere in North America and Worldwide
  •  Dealers can become eligible for possible insurance discounts
  •  Monitor safe driving habits of Dealers Loaner and Staff Vehicles
  • Leasing and Rental Features

  •  Tracks where your loaner cars are located at any given time
  •  Track vehicle mileage for service and loyalty programs
  •  Crash & impact alerts
  •  Impound lot alerts
  •  Towing alerts
  •  Driving analytics
  •  Geofencing alerts

  • Turnkey Pre-load Process

  •  Easy set up
  •  Onsite training to insure correct implementation and execution
  •  Our skilled techs install initial product systems
  •  Service department training to enable service takeover of installation process
  •  Strong software customer support
  •  Ongoing support and training
  •  Proven hardware and software solutions for market best quality
  •  Trusted local partners to assist success on every level
  • Costumer Benefits

  • Dealers can offer their clients value added features that includes:
  •  Feature rich Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Drive Monitoring System
  •  Track and access features from any PC, smartphone or Tablet
  •  Teen driving habits safe monitoring
  •  Geofencing – Instant email alerts when vehicle travels outside a user defined range
  •  Instant email speed alerts when vehicle exceeds user set speed levels
  •  Service and warranty email alerts and notifications
  •  Low battery alerts to insure vehicle drivability
  •  Safe Driver Monitoring system sends email alerts when vehicle exceeds a user set speed level

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