The ELD Deadline is Approaching – Don’t be Late

Becoming compliant with the ELD mandate is time consuming and confusing. Many companies are still using paper records and handwriting reports for driving time, hours of service and other maintenance reports. This mandate requires many companies to change their entire business practice to be compliant with the law.

Fleet Metriks can help you understand the regulations, put the right solutions in place to stay compliant and get new benefits from the tools you need.

Our ELD Mandate Solution Has Everything You Need

  •  Easily Track Hours of Service We guarantee FMCSA ELD compliance for Hours of Service regulations.
  •  Complete DVIR Reports in the Field Customizable pre, post and ad-hoc inspection reports direct from driver to mechanic.
  •  Create IFTA Reports On Demand Easily import or manually input fuel receipts, track fuel costs by state and fuel type.
  •  Simple to Install, Easy to Use No heavy installation means all your vehicles stay in service. Conduct all reporting from one dashboard.

Don 't delay - the time to switch is now

With commercial HOS drivers needing to be fully compliant in a few months' time, it's urgent you start the transition to ELD now. How long it takes to switch to an electronic logging solution will vary depending on the size of your fleet, however former FMCSA administrator, Annette Sandberg, suggests allowing up to six months to make sure your team is well prepared for the new method of logging driving hours.

The ELD Deadline is Approaching – Don’t be Late


ELD final rule established

2016 2017

CMVs must have AOBRD or ELD installed

2018 2019

All devices must be ELD compliant


12.16.2015 - AOBR or ELD may be installed – 12.18.2017 - Only certified ELDs can be installed – 12.16.2019

There 's what you need to know

ELD is a big deal because it impacts how you run your daily business. If you currently are tracking Hours of Service (HOS) on paper logs, this affects you. Fleetmetriks can help ensure you get real benefits for your operations and your drivers as you transition to new technology.

Our E-LogBook solution is compliant with 49 CFR 395.15 and is designed to remain a compliant solution for new and existing customers as the industry transitions to the ELD Final Rule.

Our mobile app approach makes it easy to stay current with changing regulations like ELD on a platform your drivers already understand