We love unlimited, so create as many geofences as needed

Virtual fences that alert you when assets enter, exit or are closes. Customizable to any size, shape or time of day. We also provide rankings, vital statistics and stop-by-stop details.

What’s a Geofence?
A Geofence is a virtual perimeter created around a real-world location that’s used to categorize activity.


  • Gain previously unseen access to:
  • Number of visits at a location and the details of when those stops happened
  • Average time spent at every location
  • Average time spent traveling to and from the location

Protect Against unauthorized use

Make sure your equipment doesn’t get into the wrong hands with geofence alerts that create a virtual perimeter around your assets. If assets are moved, you’ll know about it.

Instant alerts allow you or your security team to notify law enforcement immediately, minimizing damage and speeding up asset recovery.

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