Fleet Metriks OBD-3G GPS Tracker


The Fleet Metriks OBD-3G is an easy-to-install, flexible OBD telematics device. Full 3G coverage anywhere in North America: works in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Speed and location alerts sent instantly to your smartphone so you always know if there's anything to worry about. Loaded with features including email alerts, geofencing and more. Compatible with the most of light truck and vehicle.

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Brand: DCT

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The FM OBD-3G GPS Tracker is an easy-to-install, flexible OBD telematics device designed to meet the needs of the growing connected car economy. It is an ideal solution for passenger or light-duty vehicle applications where access to the vehicle diagnostics interface (OBD-II) is essential for monitoring vehicle health and driver behavior. Watch live as your vehicle travels throughout the day – all from any web browser anywhere in the world.

The FM OBD-3G GPS Tracker gives you the same great service of live turn-by-turn movement of your vehicles, verify hours of operation, maintenance alerting features and create more than 20 different logs and reports on the fly with Fleet Metriks Web-based tracking system.

Empower your crews with detailed data from the vehicles they operate and make the right decisions that ultimately create a more efficient business positively impacting your company’s bottom line.

Why FM OBD-3G GPS Tracker?

  1. Plug & Play device.
  2. Easy to deploy to large fleet.
  3. 60-second location updates
  4. No batteries to worry about
  5. No wire installations.
  6. Powered by the Fleet Metriks Web-based Platform
  7. Works throughout North America, in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada

If you need to track in other countries, you will need to consider our international tracking options.

Service discounts available for multiple units. Call for details. 786-9560107

Please look up your vehicle before purchasing. All vehicle compatible are listed on the link below.

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